[Movie vs. Drama] Love 020 微微一笑很倾城


I wasn’t aware there was a movie until I finished the drama. Watching the movie after really gave me a new perspective and I guess more satisfaction, I really enjoyed the movie. You know, many people might say Jing Boran is nowhere near as good looking as Yang Yang but I enjoyed his portrayal of Xiao Nai much more. Same thing with Bei Wei Wei. I was never very fond of Angelababy but her rendition of Bei Wei Wei has a lot more character and personality than Zheng Shuang’s in the drama. The people behind the camera for the drama just seemed really focused on accentuating Zheng Shuang’s beauty instead of emphasizing the character of Bei Wei Wei.

In the movie, Wei Wei is so outspoken and so much more human and relatable. In the movie, the first thing that interests Xiao Nai isn’t Wei Wei’s gaming skill or beauty but how good of a team player she is. I loved the portions where Wei Wei says something and you can see her thoughts like when she uses Xiao Nai as a shield to reject Cao Guang and then apologizes mentally for using him. Wei Wei in the drama was kind of stagnant and basic, nothing too special.

When Xiao Nai and his team were swindled by that corporation in the movie, you could see his pain and frustration. He wasn’t perfect like the one in the drama but very human. Overall the movie just added more depth to the characters. Even from the trailer, I could tell how different the people were. In the drama it felt like Xiao Nai treated Wei Wei almost like a puppy sometimes which I guess was sweet but a little strange too. The movie just had more personality and a human touch to it, the main characters were not perfect and kept each other strong in a more relatable way than in the drama.

I’ve always thought the transition between their relationship on the game to when they finally meet in real life didn’t flow too well. The movie still had a little bit of this issue but it was slightly smoother. And isn’t it just amusing how everyone who plays the game seem to know each other and go to the same school? I feel like it would have been a nice touch for someone in the story to point that out. Ending was a bit rushed in the movie, I’m not too surprised though since they had to squeeze a book into a movie, at least they didn’t get married like in the drama. I wish they could have shown more for the movie, it was really quite fun to watch.


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