[Drama VS Movie]何以笙箫默 My Sunshine

My Sunshine was very popular when it first came out. I saw the drama way before the movie and was instantly hooked. It’s basically about a photographer called Zhao Mo Sheng who returns to China after seven years in America. Out of coincidence she bumps into her ex-boyfriend from college, He Yi Chen. Yi Chen is like the perfect man, super smart, good looking, always popular, and now a successful lawyer. They had ended on bad terms and so never kept in touch. Now that Mo Sheng returns to China, old feelings are dug up including love, hate, and pain.

Yang Mi played Mo Sheng in the movie while Tiffany Tang played her in the drama. Huang Xiao Ming and Wallace Chung played Yi Chen in the movie and drama respectively. My opinion on the movie overall is that it was super rushed. I generally prefer the cast from the drama more with a few exceptions. I don’t think Yang Mi is necessarily fit for the role of Mo Sheng but I do like her portrayal of a tougher Mo Sheng more than Tiffany Tang. Maybe it’s because I saw the drama first, I feel like Wallace Chung owns the character of He Yi Chen. When I see Huang Xiao Ming act, I don’t see He Yi Chen, I just see Huang Xiao Ming.

Mi Duo’s Xiao Xiao is also light years better than one in the movie. He Yi Mei (Yi Chen’s adopted sister) had a better portrayal in the drama. Angelababy played her in the movie, and it just didn’t feel believable. That being said, the exceptions I mentioned earlier are Tao as William and Tong Dawei as Ying Hui. Tao was pretty entertaining to watch and an overall nice touch to the movie. Tong Dawei looks like a much better fit for Yin Hui. The one in the drama seemed a little too old to be getting involved with someone like Mo Sheng. There were some fun moments in the movie that the drama lacked, like them getting married on April Fool’s Day and Mo Sheng dressing in a school uniform trying to seduce Yi Chen but gets caught by his colleagues.

The drama was more complete and cohesive but lacked some fun elements that the movie had. The movie had fun elements but was rushed and not properly cast in my opinion.



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