我的極品男友 Better Man [UPDATED]


It’s been off to a pretty good start with some strong characters. This is predominantly a romance drama, which is okay. I’ve become careful with these long daily dramas. They almost always start off pretty good and then it gets boring later on because they ultimately need to make it last 70 episodes. There are exceptions though if you look through my other reviews.

So this drama basically revolves around three brothers, Yang Zhen Wei (Lin Yo Wei), Yang Zhen Hao (Tender Huang), Yang Zhen Kai (Jolin Chien) and three girls Wu Yi An (Shara Lin), Wu Yi Xin (Lian Yu Han), and Yao You Zhen (Hope Lin). Yi Xin is Yi An’s younger sister and they are best friends with You Zhen. You Zhen works for the Yang’s company as their lead secretary. By far the most interesting pair at the moment is Wu Yi An and Zhen Hao.

You know…I know Tender Huang isn’t the most loved or popular actor but I’ve always enjoyed watching him act. He’s really good at portraying that righteous strong, yet gentle, guy. Zhen Hao is a commander at a bootcamp. He has a soldier’s attitude to getting things done and discipline but is very caring to those around him. He’s perfect for Wu Yi An.

Wu Yi An is a hard-working nurse but annoyingly weak. She doesn’t really stand up for herself and apologizes even when it’s other people that did her wrong. It’s almost hard to believe she’s a nurse. I can’t imagine being nurse with such a weak personality. How does she deal with troublesome patients? Anyway I know her weak personality is to give Zhen Hao a chance to change her and improve her as they develop more feelings for each other. I think in this drama everything seems pretty believable until she starts acting timid and scared. This usually happens when she’s in an unfavorable position and she suddenly becomes really shy and curls up like a frightened puppy. I can guess why it seems sort of unnatural with Shara Lin playing. I’ve seen her act in the past. She’s a pretty decent actress, although most of the characters she played before were stronger and tougher so it’s no wonder she’s a bit awkward as Wu Yi An.


Anyway I think most of the front portion of the drama will be focused on them. They start off on the wrong foot with Yi An arriving late at the boot camp because she was busy saving his grand ma, but Zhen Hao doesn’t know at first. She perseveres and insists that she is serious about the camp and Zhen Hao lets her stay. His grandma is determined to find the girl who saved her and orders her grandsons to help her hunt. Zhen Hao quickly finds out that it’s Yi An and so cuts her a lot of slack in the camp. It’s really nice to see Zhen Hao take care of Yi An although they both totally deny feelings for each other. Zhen Hao’s grandmother is the main matchmaker here. For a drama that’s 70 episodes long, I’m quite satisfy to see how quickly Zhen Hao and Yi An’s relationship are progressing.

Yi Xin is a different story. I’m sorry but she is way too immature and naive in this drama. Unfortunately her love interest is the oldest brother Zhen Wei. Although the only reason why she likes him so much is because he saved her when she was really young. Zhen Wei however is still stuck on his dead ex-girlfriend. He owns a cafe and puzzle store that’s filled with memories of his ex. What’s worse is that his dead wife’s sister,  Ding Yu Chen (Du Yan) likes him. Yi Xin manages to get a part time job there with the help of Zhen Wei’s grandma. Yu Chen can tell immediately that Yi Xin likes Zhen Wei and bullies her often. What’s the worst about this girl is that when she feels threatened by Yi Xin, she shoves memories of her dead sister in Zhen Wei’s face, even though she knows how much he misses her already. Not to mention Du Yan isn’t a very good actress, I’ve never even see her before but anyway. It’s hard to imagine that Zhen Wei is supposed to fall for Yi Xin at some point. Forget about age, the way she acts is way too young for him.

The youngest brother is Zhen Wei. I feel sort of bad for him from time to time. In most dramas, the brothers fight for leadership of the family business. In this one though, both his older brothers have no interest in inheriting the company so he is left to take care of it. Of course it’s not that he dislikes it but you can tell he feels bad about becoming the CEO even though he’s the youngest one. His secretary happens to be his father’s former one, You Zhen. You Zhen is a really smart, professional, and kind woman. Unlike Yi An, she is much stronger. She and Zhen Wei starts off on the wrong foot. I think they have decent chemistry with each other but I’ve been much more focused on Zhen Hao and Yi An’s romance because it’s the most fun to watch?


Yi An has a weak personality that Zhen Hao is trying to change and get her to be more comfortable with herself. I thought it was really sweet to see him snap at that jerk Yi An used to be friends with. So long story short, he punches the guy that slanders Yi An. The guy files a lawsuit, and would only drop it if Yi An resigned from the hospital. So She does that before Zhen Hao can stop her. His grandma persuades her to work as a nurse at his boot camp.  Zhen Hao although made it clear to Yi An that they are solely friends, has been slowly warming up to her. But despite is improving attitude towards her, he remains emotionless for the most part so Yi An never catches on and just does her thing. I think they’re relationship is still pretty awkward. They have to deal with each other often (on good terms) but don’t really know each other all that well. And a big problem is that Yi An’s decisions are always influenced by the people around her and she herself seems sort of unsure of them.

There was also that tie business where Yi An goes shopping with Zhen Hao to help the brothers choose out new ties. She buys one for a mysterious person and Zhen Hao just keeps bugging her that it’s for the person she likes. His assumptions bother me especially even after she denies it. It’s really quite pushy of him.

Anyway moving along to You Zhen because something really bothered me. First off, I really like her and think she’s very mature, professional, and hard working. She treats others well and despite a grudge against Zhen Kai, tries to be a good secretary. Zhen Kai on the other hand. OH MY. You Zhen has a phobia to caterpillars which I 100% absolutely understand and empathize with because I have the same condition. Zhen Kai this bastard puts one on her to “scare” her despite knowing how she feels about these things. HOW OLD IS THIS ASSHOLE. That was a dick move of the century. To most people it might seem stupid for it to be that serious but for someone who has a phobia towards something, it’s really traumatizing. Anyway I would have beat the shit out of him if I was You Zhen.

Yi Xin works hard and everything at Zhen Wei’s store. They’re also growing closer as friends. Yi Xi and Yu Chen are in a war to get Zhen Wei although he doesn’t really pay attention. Even though Zhen Wei cares more and more about Yi Xin, it doesn’t look like anything more than brotherly love. I think she really needs to focus on some of her own aspirations rather than thinking about her one sided love life all day long. I know this drama is like not realistic at all in that it factors out all the other aspects of life other than love and family but they need to give her some future at least besides Zhen Wei.


Okay I know the drama is way ahead of my reviews but I’ll try hard not to skip so many things that it becomes hard to keep up. After Zhen Hao’s sunglasses break because of Yi An, she buys him a new pair that just so happened to come from the same store they bought the ties earlier. Yi Xin being Yi Xin insisted on giving Zhen Hao the present as an excuse to see Zhen Wei. Of course she grabs the wrong bag and ends up giving Zhen Hao the tie for the mysterious person before. Zhen Hao being Zhen Hao thinks too much and thinks that Yi An likes him. He becomes very cautious about her and takes it really seriously, it’s quite amusing. He is concerned that she likes him when they had discussed before that they were just to remain friends no matter what his grandma tries to do.

During an exploration hike on a mountain, Yi An gets lost for an entire day. Zhen Hao is worried to death and finally finds her in the rain at night. They just so happen to find a lady who just so happens to be living on the mountains (coincidence right?). The lady lets them stay and stuff and gives them clothes to wear. They have a lot of cringing encounters, for the lack of a better word. Yi An gets scared at night asks Zhen Hao to stay by her side, even though at this point she has NO feelings for him whatsoever. He’s already falling for her though. They even kiss! Accidentally of course but it still happens. I can’t imagine how awkward it is to be in a situation like that. You see accidental kisses in dramas all the time but I think if it happene in real life it would be really awkward with their kind of relationship. Anyway Zhen Hao begins to realize how attracted he is to Yi An. Yi An on the other hand remains oblivious.

On Zhen Kai’s side because of excessive drama and inability to get along with You Zhen, the Yang family’s dad makes them take courses at Zhen Hao’s boot camp to build teamwork. At first of course it’s no good but they learn to help each other out there. Zhen Kai can be so immature sometimes. You Zhen had kissed him in her drunken state when she went out to karaoke. He didn’t take it well and then forcibly kissed her when they were sober as pay back. Seriously who does that… Anyway through the training they build a stronger relationship and learn how to trust each other. On a side note, I absolutely adore You Zhen’s bikini apron.


Zhen Hao realizes he really likes Yi An and confesses to her and mentions the tie. She rejects him obviously because she doesn’t like him but feels really bad about the misunderstanding with the presents. This is where it gets frustrating with Zhen Hao. He decides that he wants to fight for his love and won’t give up, which is good of course. But he approaches Yi An is a really pressuring way, wanting to do everything for her. However he becomes depressed when she again and again tells him that she’s not necessarily very comfortable with him being like that. He overthinks it and concludes that she must hate him. This is totally annoying because it has to do with the “nice guy” situation. Where a guy believes a girl should love him just because he’s kind to her. Yi An has no obligation to date him just because he is nice to her. Anyway their situation improves but this was a pressure point to me.

Zhen Wei on the other side also begins to grow on Yi Xin’s innocence and sunshine personality. He thinks of her occasionally and realizes that his dead wife would have wanted him to be happy instead of hanging on to her. Her younger sister on the other hand, Yu Chen, keeps on pouring salt on old wounds and time after time brings her sister up in conversations and places photos of Zhen Wei and her sister everywhere. It’s just a really shitty and low move on her part to keep doing that, knowing how much it affects him.


Zhen Hao’s pursuit of Yi An is interrupted by the appearance of her old friend, Yan Zhi (Nylon Chen). She has had good feelings for him since years ago. Zhen Hao feels a bit threatened but he’s very respectful to Yan Zhi which reflects his good upbringing. Yan Zhi is kind but almost too kind, like you know he’s hiding something for sure. He says one thing but does another. For example, even though he assures Zhen Hao he only sees Yi An as a good friend like a sister, his actions say otherwise. And sure enough, you find out pretty soon that he has ulterior motives and isn’t the happy, outgoing guy everyone sees.

I think during this time Zhen Hao is less pressuring towards Yi An and can tell she has an affinity toward’s Yan Zhi. Although this is good my feelings became really mixed when he offered to sponsor Yan Zhi’s startup clinic. The reason he was doing it was so Yi An can work with Yan Zhi and be happy with him. All this sounds good except the fact that Zhen Hao was pretty much deciding for Yi An as if it’s his right, as if he knows exactly what he wants. It’s quite annoying to watch him do all this, thinking it’s for the sake of Yi An when he doesn’t even know what she truly wants.When Yi An finds out, she finds his actions quite ridiculous. Even though Yi An may seem weak at times, she has a pretty clear head on what she wants. When Yan Zhi confesses to her, she straight up rejects him, not faltering for his nice guy act or anything. She slowly realizes that she feels something for Zhen Hao and directly tells him that he has a chance. I like how she does these kinds of things in a straightforward manner instead of beating around the bush.

Anyway, as for Zhen Wei and Yi Xin, in a moment of frenzy, he pretty much confesses his feelings for her much to her joy. They start dating and Yi Xin is pretty much on cloud 9. Yi An and Yo Zhen can’t believe it but are really happy for her. Honestly I still find it weird, because the way Zhen Wei treats Yi Xin is like a little sister especially when he has such a gentle and caring personality. Anyway I guess that’s one couple down? They’re cute but I cringe every time they’re together.

You Zhen and Zhen Kai, I think can be said to be on friendly terms now after all that boot camp training conducted by Zhen Hao. But because they’re around each other much more often now, they end up sleeping with each other on a drunken night. In the morning You Zhen is unbelievably embarrassed while Zhen Kai feels like utter shit and horrible for doing that with You Zhen. They have a very awkward phase for awhile until professionalism takes priority again and they’re back on track with work. You Zhen no longer hates Zhen Kai and is often touched by how hard he works.

Anyway I know I’ve been updating really slowly but I try! Thanks for reading! =D



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