[FLASH REVIEW]킬미, 힐미 Kill me, Heal Me


Almost too AMAZING for words! I’ve always been fascinated by dissociative identity disorder AKA multiple personalities and have have read quite a bit about them. I even once imagined something like what happened in Kill Me, Heal Me as a drama so I knew I had to watch it when I read the summary. First and foremost, a giant applause to the main cast of Ji Sung as Cha Do Hyun who also embodies six other personalities and Hwang Jung Eum as Oh Ri Jin, a resident psychiatrist. I was totally mind blown by both of them and how talented they are.

To act out seven separate extremely different personalities and make them so believable is so hard and remarkable. Ji Sung is a true artist. As far as Hwang Jung Eun goes, there were times where I felt like she didn’t make a good doctor with the way she overreacted to certain things a psychologist wouldn’t have done, but unlike many other dramas, it just got better and better. Her loud character is quite funny sometimes and she really grows on you after the first few episodes to set the story. And freaking Seo Joon as Oh Ri On, Ri Jin’s adoptive twin brother. Ugh he was so good too.

Okay if you haven’t seen this yet, I highly suggest you go watch it before I spoil the rest.

This storyline is really complicated so I’m not too sure how to make everything clear. Basically Ri Jin was the child of a woman who married into the Cha family. She had no blood relations with anyone in there. Do Hyun’s father had ran away from a wealthy life and had Do Hyun with another woman. Do Hyun’s mother however forced his dad to return back to the mansion with him and runs into Ri Jin. Ri Jin’s mother had lied that Ri Jin was also Do Hyun’s father’s child. The two children got along extremely well. However their father started to lose his mind and abuse Ri Jin whenever Do Hyun did something wrong. Do Hyun’s helplessness and grief that Ri Jin kept getting abused by him caused him to break into separate personalities to protect him. In one such incident during a large event at their manor, Do Hyun’s personality set fire to the house and then Do Hyun lost his memory. Ri Jin was luckily rescued by her adoptive mother who had been working at the event. Do Hyun’s father was put into a coma for twenty plus years. Ri Jin didn’t remember anything either and was introduced to her new adoptive twin brother, Ri On after the incident.

When Ri Jin and Do Hyun meet as adults, she becomes his secret psychiatrist to put some organization to the relationship between Do Hyun and his other personalities.

Ri Jin was blessed with a really amazing adoptive family. I really liked Ri On and how he was very protective of her but also so supportive, there were times I just wanted them to be together. He loved her so so much in a romantic way but knew she saw him as a brother and that he should do his best to play that role for her. Ri On although acted dimwitted many times, was a genius famous writer and hides behind the pen name Omega.

When Ri Jin and Do Hyun met as adults they had no idea who each other were. However when Do Hyun changed personalities to Shin Se Gi, Se Gi recognized Ri Jin and just pronounced his love for her. Ri Jin and Do Hyun’s relationship was so bittersweet throughout the drama. They clearly cared for each other in a romantic way as well as almost like family but Do Hyun always held back, thinking that because he has this disorder, he didn’t deserve love and shouldn’t pursue his happiness out of fear he might ruin someone. Unlike those really clueless female characters, Ri Jin knew his hardships and the internal war he was going through. She understood that every time he pushed her away it was because he was trying to protect her and didn’t truly reject her. Their understanding of each other was overall really really touching.

Just so it’s not confusing here are Do Hyun’s other personalities, Shin Se Gi, Perry Park, Ahn Yo Sub, Ahn Yo Na, Nana, and Mysterious X. All the personalities were enjoyable and touching to watch especially when you realize the significance each one has to the story and the characters. Shin Se Gi came out the most often and was the personality most people probably got attached to. He seems really cruel and violent but you find out the sad truth as to why he acts the way he does. Luckily, there were many funny moments with him. One such moment was when Cha Ki Joon (Oh Min Suk), Do Hyun’s cousin, asked him if he secured a movie contract with Omega (Ri On). It was Do Hyun who had gotten the contract so Shin Se Gi had no idea what he was talking about and asked Ki Joon if he was asking him to catch him a tuna fish in reference to omega acids.


Perry Park was the personality that Ri Jin’s family recognized when they saw Do Hyun. He’s this really funky guy who loves to drink and gets along really well with Ri Jin’s family. You don’t think much of him until you realize he is named after an imaginary boat a child Do Hyun had promised his dad to buy when he grew up. Perry Park represented Do Hyun’s yearning for his abusive dad who had been so caring and kind before being forced back into the Cha family.

Yo Na…oh Yo Na, this girl embodied the crazy fan girl. She probably became my favorite when she (in Do Hyun’s body) started to hit on Ri On. Ri On had found out earlier about the DID problem with Do Hyun so wasn’t shocked when he changed personalities to Yo Na but was still startled by the way she acted. Freaking Yo Na’s parts were just gold, it added a really nice humorous streak to this otherwise quite serious and dark drama. She was always trying to kiss Ri On and liked to latch onto him. She had a funny dynamic with Ri Jin where they would just keep calling names at each other.

Ahn Yo Sub, although rarely appeared, had one of the most moving meetings with Ri Jin, I think. The idea that he wanted to die so badly just destroyed Ri Jin and was the driving force for her to become Do Hyun’s doctor. Nana only appeared once in the end of the drama, she was basically Ri Jin’s child form. Before she left, Ri Jin had the opportunity to tell Nana that she deserved to be loved and that the abuse was never her fault. Mysterious X came out only in the end also but I think had enormous significance. He was basically the personality that represented Ri Jin’s real deceased father. Do Hyun had unconsciously created this personality for Ri jin. Mysterious X’s job was to lead the other personalities away so Do Hyun can live comfortably.

Ri Jin had an amazing adoptive family but Do Hyun’s family could just go suck one, his secretary treated him better than any of his family members. His mother loved money and power, his grandmother wanted him out of the family but then kept him to use to hold power in the company. Both of the just watched Ri Jin get abused and Do Hyun grieve when they were little without stopping their father. His cousin Ki Joon who was vying for control of the company also treated him like shit, stealing his first love, Chae Yun (Kim Yoo Ri), and constantly bullying him in the company.

Chae Yun was a bitch but not to an extreme or anything. She was annoying in the face that she couldn’t set her feelings straight and was so selfish. She liked to keep Do Hyun in her safety net while still being together with Ki Joon, but when you look at the drama as a whole, they were quite insignificant. I feel like her and Ki Joon was just an afterthought that were just making trouble out of nothing on their side.


Gah I knew the personalities were going to merge at one point, but ugh it was just so depressing and bittersweet to see each one of them go. Starting from Perry Park, I was dreading the rest. Even Yo Na’s was really touching, despite her constant bickering with Ri Jin, she was so thankful for a friend so you can tell how lonely all the personalities really were. I’m glad they still added some humor in the end with Ri On hitting on a pretty girl who happens to be called Ahn Yo Na with a similar personality as the one inside Do Hyun. One thing that they could have done is make it clear (and probably less tragic) that personalities don’t just disappear with almagation, they merge with one another so one personality ends up having the memories of multiple personalities.

Anyway I know some parts of this review are really unclear and it sounds complicated, honestly this is something to be watched and my writing does it no justice. It’s not easy to watch because it’s very complicated and has very serious themes but I’m glad it shed light to child abuse and how it can drive into damaging psychological disorders. The ending was really great and left no loops or unanswered questions.



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