[FLASH REVIEW]步步惊情Scarlet Heart II

Yes I know this one came out quite a long time ago. I remember being SO excited for the second installation of Bu Bu Jing Xin because I loved the first one so much. The best words to describe this sequel is, a hot mess. I had to watch this twice to really understood what happened because I feel like I missed so many things the first time. First there’s Zhang Xiao’s (Liu Shi Shi) twin sister, Lan Lan who’s a model that magically appears out of nowhere with a complicated background. Then there was Zhang Xiao losing her damn memory and thus forgetting her first encounter with Yin Zheng (Nicky Wu).

Yin Zheng is in a not very healthy relationship with Lan Lan, they don’t seem to really understand each other all that well. Zhang Xiao is like crying 24/7 throughout the entire drama, I feel quite bad for Liu Shi Shi. She seems to have chronic depression but you don’t really know why. I get that she was in an accident and everything but as far as losing something or someone, not really, especially when she has very clouded memories of the time travel to really remember what happened. I wish there was more connection with Bu Bu Jing Xin. The main connection is the fact that the Kang family owns ancient artifacts from the Qing dynasty that they pretty owned in their previous life centuries ago. They could have at least used some more of the previous actors.

Anyway continuing on with the mess of this drama. Everyone seems to be in complicated relationships with one another. Lan Lan won’t acknowledge Zhang Xiao despite looking identical, at the same time her scandalous past is catching up with her. She tries to hide it from Yin Zheng so he doesn’t realize how insecure and scared she is. He finds Zhang Xiao very odd and helps her around their company (yes she works for his company because they need a reason so see each other) but has other more problems to deal with like acquiring the ownership of the family business. Of course when you have a battle for the family business, there has to be that one person that can jeopardize it for the main man, and that person is Kang Si Han (Sun Yi Zhou) who is a popular candidate for the successor and share the same father as Yin Zheng. Si Han is the foil of Yin Zheng, he is very kind and caring especially towards Zhang Xiao. They spend a lot of time together and end up falling for each other.

While this is happening Lan Lan realizes she needs to getaway for good from her past and so fakes her death, devastating both Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao who don’t know the truth. Zhang Xiao is down in the dumps and now has a good reason to be crying all the time. Si Han supports her during these times and makes her happy. But don’t forget Yin Zheng is the main guy so here comes the next person to tear Zhang Xiao and Si Han apart. Zhang Xiao’s best friend, Meng Xin Yi (Ye Qing) comes back from overseas. COINCIDENTALLY Xin Yi is Si Han’s ex-girlfriend and has come back for him with the intent of getting married. Zhang Xiao finds out about their relationship before Xin Yi finds out about her’s. Zhang Xiao, being the martyr she is, makes Si Han promise never to tell Xin Yi about their relationship and to make sure her best friend is happy.

This was like the worse choice she could make and Si Han only listened to her after much convincing. Zhang Xiao painfully watches Si Han and Xin Yi prepare their wedding. On their wedding day however, someone uploads photos of Si Han and Zhang Xiao’s relationship onto the projector of the wedding hall. Xin Yi misunderstands and thinks they cheated on her. OF COURSE before anyone can explain, she runs off and gets hit by a car, dying as a result. Everyone blames Zhang Xiao and she has pretty much no one to turn to but Yin Zheng. During both of their healing process, they end up falling in love with each other. Zhang Xiao also gets her memory back.




But wait, don’t forget how complicated this drama is. Kang Si Han while on a business trip, gets tricked and is kidnapped and taken to the middle of nowhere. He runs into a girl called Ma Yi Nuo (Annie Liu) who you can tell right off the bat is a little odd. She takes care of Si Han while the other men just beat him up all the time. Communication to his family takes a really long time which causes him to misunderstand that they’ve abandoned him. While captured, he sees Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng on TV and is furious because of how happy they are while he’s in the middle of nowhere getting beat up.

When his family finally receive news of the kidnapping, they go to save him. By this time, he is emotionally destroyed because he think they had abandoned him. The only person he trusts is Yi Nuo who you now know is actually Lan Lan. She has no ulterior motives however and just wants to live without her past.

Si Han has pretty much lost his mind and tries to take everything away from Yin Zheng including Zhang Xiao. This was after Yin Zheng had already given him the ownership of the company and just wanted to live quietly with Zhang Xiao. It’s not even like it was his idea to kidnap Si Han! Si Han and Yi Nuo are in a relationship but he doesn’t treat her that well and is constantly out hunting for Zhang Xiao. ANYWAY you see what I mean by this entire roller coaster of ridiculous events. I’ll skip some things but basically the end was the biggest confusion of all. I don’t even want to talk about it because I didn’t understand why they showed three different endings but somehow Zhang Xiao was able to chose the happy one? They completely spun out of the original Bu Bu Jing Xin and lost the magic of it. Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng together didn’t evoke a similar warm feeling. The whole drama was just really really depressing and I find it so unfortunate.


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