親愛的翻譯官 Les Interpretes [UPDATED]


I was really excited when I first saw the trailer. When the actual drama came out, I was a little underwhelmed? Maybe, I don’t know. Anyway this is a drama starring A class actors. Since Yang Mi is in it, you can probably guess its a big deal drama.

Qiao Fei is a decently likable character. She works hard, is smart, and fights for what she wants. However the character is nothing too special, very similar to other protagonists, especially the ones Yang Mi always plays. Typical poor endearing girl with traits of kindness, modesty, righteousness. She’s on her way to becoming a Chinese-French interpreter and under unfortunate circumstances, bumps into Chen Jia Yang (Huang Xuan), a professional A class interpreter and a professional asshole. I think his complaints and lectures are valid from a professional translator’s point of view. Yes you need to be perfect as a translator or else there can be serious consequences, but he’s not exactly the best mentor…at least at first. He should learn how to praise students to encourage them to grow. But anyway I don’t have too much to say about Qiao Fei, she’s busy working hard, chasing her dreams. We’ve got another woman to talk about.

Jia Yang holds a really cold and strict attitude towards everyone except his family and the woman he loves, Wen Xiao Hua (Zhou Qi Qi), who is actually his older brother’s (Gao Jia Ming) girlfriend. And oh my, about this woman, Xiao Hua. WHY IS THIS WOMAN SO GODDAMN WEAK?! I swear she’s so pitiful. She clings onto Gao Jia Ming (Gao Wei Guang), who is a shitty man, even though she knows he doesn’t love her at all. Jia Ming treats her terribly and doesn’t care about her at all. He’s a really big jerk but honestly I don’t blame him too much for how he treats her. Her reasoning of why he should treat her better or love her is because she’s so in love with him. It’s a shit excuse to get someone to love you. Jia Ming pretty much acts as terribly as he can to shake her off. I hate how she still tries to be so nice to him only to be hurt again and again.And then there’s Jia Yang who always rushes to her side when she gets emotionally hurt by Jia Ming.

Coming from a wealthy family, she was raised as a princess, and not the tough, bossy kind. The weak, sheltered kind where everyone revolves around her. Jia Yang loves her so much and treats her so well but she only loves Jia Ming. It probably has to do with the fact that she’s had her way for her entire life and everyone loved her until she bumps into Jia Ming who’s way more than just hard-to-get. Jia Ming although seems like a cold-blooded asshole, isn’t completely evil as he is a doctor who really cares about his patients. He also happens to have a romantic history with Qiao Fei and he works in the same hospital she part-times at. She tries hard to shake him off, not knowing his relationship with Jia Yang.

Qiao Fei and Jia Yang’s relationship slowly build after a rough start. She is accepted as an intern to his interpreter school even though he tried many times to derail her and fail her. She ends up being the intern that he has to mentor. As someone who’s interning right now, I can only be grateful my manager isn’t like Chen Jia Yang. He probably should be more strict on me but I can’t imagine having to work with someone like Jia Yang. Yes he obviously warms up later, but only after he develops romantic feelings for Qiao Fei.


After struggling in my own internship, it’s easy to relate to how Qiao Fei feels when she screws up and how she wants to improve. It sucks feeling that helpless and confused at how to do better. Jia Yang slowly acknowledges her efforts and her improvement. Because he’s not someone with a lot of friends, he gradually starts to welcome on Qiao Fei’s companionship. She is keen on getting him together with Xiao Hua. I love how regretful Jia Yang was when he realized it was a big mistake to tell Qiao Fei he loved Xiao Hua. She’s always nosing in to get them together. I like how they’re relationship is budding into a strong friendship with trust in between rather than jumping towards more romantic one.

Xiao Hua during this time still has her heart to Jia Ming. What’s so annoying about her is that even though she knows Jia Yang loves her, she still leads him on a runs to him when she’s in trouble, seriously selfish and inconsiderate, using his feelings for her benefit.

Anyway, Qiao Fei’s gradual souring relationship with the other interns because of jealousy is probably every intern’s worst nightmare. Obviously with a coach like Jia Yang she improves a lot as an interpreter but those who are falling behind like to push their negativity on her. Jia Yang doesn’t really notice and continues to favor her and what not because he trusts her.

Jia Ming has a really weird personality. He keeps bugging Qiao Fei in a really creepy way. He’s angry about the drama that happened eight years ago and wants her back but doesn’t treat her that well, at least in front of her. You know something big is going to happen because neither Qiao Fei, Jia Yang, or Jia Ming are aware of the kind of relationship between all three of them. Jia Ming’s step mother who shooed Qiao Fei away eight years ago is Jia Yang’s mother. Even after eight years she still continues to be a helicopter mom and likes to dictate her sons’ lives.

Xiao Hua’s father makes things harder for her already weak personality. They’re in a world of political and business marriages. She very stupidly agrees to marrying the biggest cheating jackass in the world, Zhou Nan, so their family businesses can make more money. Jia Ming is a jerk but man this guy is a different story. Zhou Nan has no conscience whatsoever. Even when Jia Yang tells her that he could make her happy, her response is that he doesn’t have the background to give her what she wants. This girl has serious issues, allowing herself to be puppet but still asking so much from others.


Jia Yang takes his last shot at Xiao Hua on her wedding day. He tells her that if she wanted, he could take her and they could run away. Xiao Hua being Xiao Hua refuses unless it was Jia Ming that was taking her away. She ends up getting married and Jia Yang sends her off with a smile like a good friend. Him and Qiao Fei are back to their usual business after. He regards her as his good friend since she knows him well. Qiao Fei has a phobia to the interpreter booth that interpreters often have to work inside of during a translating job. Jia Yang does his best to solve this fear and encourages her that she will be fine. His favoritism causes big rifts between Qiao Fei and the other interns and everyone pretty much turns against her. She keeps quiet about it, not wanting to make it a big deal. In the mean time with Xiao Hua married off in Switzerland, Jia Yang’s feelings for Qiao Fei grows exponentially. At the same time, Jia Ming is still coming after her, pissed about their messy past.

Qiao Fei also finds out that Jia Ming had switched majors from psychology to neurology (I think it’s neurology) during their college years because he wanted to cure Qiao Fei’s mother. This puts her in quite a complicated position because here was this guy who had changed his career for her. Good thing for Qiao Fei is that she doesn’t play the nice guy show and despite what he did for her, she knows she shouldn’t be with someone she doesn’t love.

Jia Yang was just about to confess everything to Qiao Fei when Jia Ming shows up, furious. He thinks that Qiao Fei was purposely seducing his brother even though she insisted that she never knew. I think I feel the most sorry for Jia Yang who is stuck in all this drama. All along he was just being his Chen Jia Yang, first it’s Xiao Hua’s mess and just when he was about to pursue his own happiness he gets slapped in the face with the messy past of Qiao Fei and Jia Ming. As much of an asshole as Jia Ming is, I really do like how much he cares about Jia Yang. He is selfish to everyone else but loves his brother.

Meanwhile all this drama is happening in China, Xiao Hua is becoming intimidated by Jia Yang’s wanning  interest and attention to her. This is the kind of characteristic I hate so much in a person. She doesn’t like him but wants to keep him in her safety net. Zhou Nan is an abusive husband who starts off emotionally abusive and then gradually gets physical. Xiao Hua wanting to leave this marriage, puts together a business plan where her family would not need to rely on Zhou Nan financially to survive. Her new plan also involves pursuing Jia Yang.

Jia Yang by this time is in love with Qiao Fei. Qiao Fei doesn’t really realizes it and inside is still really sure he loves Xiao Hua. When Xiao Hua contacts him, Qiao Fei tries to push Jia Yang to her, thinking that this was his golden chance. However Jia Yang refuses and surprises Qiao Fei just as she thought he was going to leave everything behind and elope with Xiao Hua. I loved the part when Qiao Fei is tricked to go pick up Jia Yang’s car, but in the trunk he had prepared presents for her. Xiao Hua who had been waiting in the airport for him is picked up by her dad instead who is sourly disappointed that his puppet daughter had come back.


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  1. dramalandweb says:

    Did you watch the whole series?


  2. dramalandweb says:

    Did you watch the whole drama already?


    1. H. says:

      Not the whole thing yet. I don’t think it’s out. I’m at episode 44 or 45 I believe. =)


      1. H. says:

        Nevermind i didn’t think episode 44 was the last one, the next two are just a summary of everything? A little pointless but yes I did finish it. X)


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