[FLASH REVIEW] 시티홀City Hall



Leave it to true actors Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah to be in great dramas. I’m picky when choosing political dramas but with this kind of cast, there was nothing to keep me back. Kim Sun A’s versatility is really amazing when you compare Mi Rae to Hwang Ji An from I Do I Do (also another great drama). Jo Guk’s expression towards Mi Rae was so funny in the beginning. He couldn’t believe someone like her existed. Despite his cool and composed attitude for everything, he carried a lot of emotional baggage. He had the same attitude towards most people but could never stay composed when dealing with Mi Rae. Goodness that part when she accused him of sexual harassment and smacked him on the head was pure gold. His mortified expression was too funny. Jo Guk at first seemed like a relentless politician with a heart made of steel, but time after time, he let Mi Rae off from all the careless and funny things she did to him. They sacrifice so much for each other, their bond is really admirable, especially Jo Guk.

I like how the drama wasn’t centered around romance but the improvement of a person. The two main characters helped each other grow by working together. Mi Rae although smart, was always a really timid secretary until Jo Guk comes as Deputy Mayor to stir up some action and she finally steps out of her shell. The whole city hall is a mess of people. The batch of colleagues that worked for the previous mayor were such assholes to her, it’s scary to think governments employ such despicable people. I know our USA government is full of cheats and assholes, we just never see it and end up voting for them, or in some cases we see it and we still vote for them because… we’re Americans…

Although Guk was engaged to Go Hae, for an antagonist, she rarely came at Mi Rae in a jealous way but more of a political one. In the end she really wasn’t that bad. She does things underhanded but at least has a conscience for the environment and the people. She confronted her father about the whole industrial waste issue, furious and betrayed. What was interesting to me was how downplayed it was when Jo Guk revealed to BB he was his illegitimate son. Being abandoned as a boy and then living to his father’s expectations was a theme that Guk was in constant turmoil about. There was like a few handful moments of intensity about the whole situation and then they passed it. Jo Guk seemed to move on in a smooth way after connecting with Mi Rae.


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