[FLASH REVIEW] 왕관을 쓰려는자The Heirs


I saw this one ages ago but am only writing about it now, trying to keep it short. I’ve been trying to think of a good thing to say about this drama but there really isn’t much. Then again with a name called “The Heirs”, you can’t expect too much. First off before I get into the story, they chose a cast way too old to be playing high school students. I know they’re all young looking but lets face it, they look more mature than the way they were acting. Yes I like Kim Woo Bin too but he was not enough to salvage the cheap story line.


The main couple was Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) and the heir, Kim Tan (Lee Minho). Eun Sang was cringing to watch. Of course she’s poor and of course her mother works for Kim Won’s mother. She always seemed so depressed and was very bad at dealing with the situation she was put in at school. I know she’s only 18 but you’d think that someone who supposedly gone through so much shit would have learned to really stand up for herself. Gosh Kim Tan marched around like the world owed him something. He had an inferiority complex because his mother was a mistress but still.


This drama was so cliche and such a cheap attempt at getting viewers. Cinderella story with popular actors that people will watch regardless of quality. Everyone loves the Cinderella story and A LOT of dramas have similar plots but they put in a better attempt at masking the banality of it all. It was frustrating of how juvenile the entire thing was. Like come on, engagement in high school? What are they thinking? Their lives have just barely started! It would be more bearable if it took place at a college. It feels like a bunch of entitled high-schoolers trying to act like adults because they’re too bored. They stress about issues they shouldn’t have to at their age and as a result creates unnecessary problems and drama. Yes I know their parents were a huge influence to their problems but it was stuff that could change after they graduate. They can fight for what they want after they graduate because it’s not like their selfish parents has any use for them when they’re still puppies.

There were two thing that sticks to me today is how well Kim Tan’s mother treated Eun Sang’s mute mother despite their relationship as boss and servant and how tragic Kim Tan’s brother’s, Kim Won’s (Choi Jin Hyuk), life was. Yes his mother was a mistress but she didn’t bully Eun Sang’s mother and even wanted to find her after she disappeared. Freaking Kim Won sacrificed so much for his brother and wasn’t able to be with the person he loved.

Okay I’m done ranting about this one, I know its full of hot actors but it was still not enough.


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