Fashion Corner with 江莱Lai Lai of 好先生

So I really enjoyed 好先生 from the beginning because of a really great script. One thing that also caught my attention was Jiang Lai’s (Jiang Shu Ying) wardrobe. I’m an industrial designer not a fashion designer but doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate! From the beginning she stepped out in statement worthy clothes. Although it may seem flashy at first, I really liked how bold her clothes were. It fit her assertive and domineering personality perfectly just like how Gan Jing (Che Xiao) wore more subtle colors and clothing to fit her gentle and caring attitude (I wonder if it was intentional or just a coincidence).

I think first and foremost, Lai Lai’s red cloak was probably my favorite (I love red and I love capes). This cape is hails from the Chinese brand IMM尹默 which is supposed to retail for around 880 USD, however I have not found an actual listing and could barely find a good photo. Inside, she wore a red dress that I’m personally not interested in but if you’re curious I believe it’s from Versace.

This brand has clothes in other scenes also such as the one in the cemetery where Lai Lai laid her ex to rest.

Another coat that she wore really well is the MSGM Giant Star Panel Coat. This is what she was wrapped in when she was destroying her brother’s house in the beginning of the drama. I think she wore it better than the model from a studio shoot which is a good sign for the designer.

I also enjoyed her black jumpsuit under the brand LANYU. Could not find an official photo from the brand but Ruby Lin wore one a some weeks ago so it’s definitely in a special series of the brand.


She has some mysterious clothing that I haven’t been able to find but that I like as well.


Her golfing outfit is quite cool. I’m always skeptical about sports clothes because they end up looking too technical and not right for anything outside of athletic practice if you know what I mean. This outfit works for both sport as well as casual ware. No idea what brand this is though!


At one point Lai Lai wore this white coat. I like how it sort of mimics karate uniform. You probably wouldn’t wear your uniform everywhere and it’d be a little odd but a coat like this gives a similar attitude.


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