[THROWBACK]惡魔在身邊 Devil Beside You



Every so often I rewatch an old drama that I really enjoyed. I’ve been digging up a lot of old ones because I can’t stand new ones. Devil Beside You was one of my all time favorites and is still is. This drama just really shows how lacking the ones nowadays are. For those who never watched it, it basically takes place in a university where peculiar people cross paths creating this really great story. Qi Yue gets tangled with the university’s president’s son, Ah Meng. They eventually fall in love but face a giant obstacle because her mother is about to remarry the president, making them step siblings. I know that’s a shitty explanation but it’s a great show.

One of the reasons why it’s such a great watch is because there really isn’t any dragging. Something important happens in pretty much every episode. I know this was originally a manga but I think they still did a good job planning it out, unlike nowadays so many dramas feel boring after awhile because nothing is really happening, they walk in baby steps. In Devil Beside You, there’s always something new every episode with a great balance of humor and story. The cast was absolutely perfect too.

Rainie Yang fit the role of Qi Yue really well. Her clumsiness and denseness was really convincing. I love her expressions every time she encounters Ah Meng (Mike He) in the beginning. Although she could be stupid at times, she is really caring and understanding of the people around her, even when they treat her like shit. It’s really funny when she gets excited about doing corny things for Ah Meng but he calls her out on it and teases her and she knows that he does it out of love.

Mike He really did a spectacular job as Ah Meng. I know it’s not right to say this but to this day, I think his best acting job was Ah Meng. I mean all those expressions like how can anyone resist?! He just seemed so natural in that role and him and Rainie had amazing chemistry. Ah Meng was really bold and sometimes selfish but so caring and sweet to Qi Yue. He seems like an immature bad boy but in reality, he’s extremely loyal to his friends and sticks to his morals and principals. He doesn’t play dirty (at least not seriously) and always does things head on. Like seriously I go to design school too, there’s no one as cool as him, just a bunch of design bros who like their egos, stroked. Off the top of my head I can’t think of anyone that could play Ah Meng to the same level as Mike He.

Yuan Yi (King One) was the guy most people were probably rooting for in the beginning because him and Qi Yue made a cute couple. Although he has moments where he loses his temper and becomes really dominating, for the most part he’s a really kind kid. It’s quite funny watching him having to deal with Ah Meng and his gang always skipping out on basketball practice. He was frustrated but too nice to really do anything to them.

Everyone in the drama had quite a bit of character, and because you knew their story, you couldn’t really hate them. Li Xiang (Ivy Fan) who was a real bitch in the beginning turned out to be quite kind and really cool. Her and Yang Ping (Masuyama Yuki) made an adorable couple. Even Qi Yue’s mother and Ah Meng’s father were entertaining to watch because they matched so well. Qing Zi (Joyce Cai) was annoying at times but in reality she was just a girl looking for some love. Her relationship with Yuan Yi started off at a strange foot since he was recovering from the whole ordeal with Qi Yue. It was also strange to see her bounce to him right after Qi Yue rejected him but in the end I guess they did well.

I remember Ah Rang (Figaro Ceng) walking around in an over-sized blazer and stuff. At first you think he’s a creeps a punk until you realize who he is and how old he really is making it really cute how he tries to act like a college kid. He was such a sweet boy and like everyone else in the drama, just wanted some love and acknowledgement.

I think the ending could have been better but it was pretty cohesive I guess. A sequel is something I’ve always wanted but I know it would probably kill the drama.


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