Love or Spend 戀愛鄰距離 [UPDATED]

Love or Spend is off to a pretty good start especially with the caliber of the main cast. You have Jennifer Hong and Kingone Wang as the leads. I do wish though they didn’t cast Da Yuan. She is not a likable or a good actress and frankly very annoying to watch (I try to skip over her parts).

I think so far everything is good but it is a bit unfortunate is sort of how predictable it is, or how it so far seems. Mo Cheng Zheng (Jennifer Hong} and Pei Zheng Xi (Kingone Wang) are childhood friends and neighbors who pretty much had the same path to where they are (same birthday, all the same schools, same workplace). They know each so well, they don’t need any talking to know how each of them are feeling but because of this, they pretty much only see each other in a family way, not really romantic. Their families however are trying to get them to be together and so make them do strange promises where they have to get married if they are single on any of their birthdays. This prompts Cheng Zheng to find a fake boyfriend which turns out to be a colleague in her team, He Li Yang (Liu Shu Hong).

It’s obvious that at one point, the two leads will start feeling romantic for each other but I really do like how this drama sort of addresses the issues of misogynists and sexism in a workplace, it’s really quite relevant and important. I hope Cheng Zheng learns to fight back against the men in her workplace who are constantly trying to degrade her. I like Li Yang a lot especially when he had to face both Cheng Zheng’s and Zheng Xi’s families. He’s such a gentleman, I like seeing him on screen with Cheng Zheng but his character is a little boring, so far. I must say though, that kiss on the first episode was awesomeee!! Cheng Zheng so far doesn’t seem like the type to feel romantic for anyone because she’s so focused on her work. I think it’ll be interesting to see her break out of her work shell.


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve touched this post. To be be honest I stopped not too long after writing the first entry. Frankly, I got bored of it and couldn’t stand watching Da Yuan act. Many people blamed the homosexuality of some of the characters on why it plummeted but I assure you that is not the reason. In fact it is forward thinking for them to portray different sexual orientations.

So as boring as it got, it’s important to note that these kind of dramas are rather tricky because of the pace. Fortunately they release episodes every day but because of that they need to drag it out longer to sustain a certain airing time frame. In the end the writers have to slow the pace down to keep it going but then keep it interesting to hold the audience. Some of the successful daily dramas were Fabulous 30 and Bitter Sweet who had something interesting to offer almost every day. Unfortunately as great of actors Jennifer Hong and King One are, this story wasn’t enough to hold me. Not to mention I felt sort of dry with the characters, not enough development for me to attach to.

Anyway I think it’s a real shame because it was off to a pretty decent start, but alas there are too many other dramas to watch!


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