Favorite Couples

Here are some of my favorite couples! Of course this is just a tiny percentageAs always these list posts will always be updated and changed as soon as I remember more things that qualify. None of my lists are in any particular order.


SR42875865_w1280_h720 One of my favorite moments in the drama

Jang Jae Yul (Jo In Sung) + Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) from 괜찮아, 사랑이야 It’s Okay, It’s Love

I LOVED these two together. I swear there’s no one Gong Hyo Jin isn’t good with. She’s one of those amazing actresses, similar to Ariel Lin who can make chemistry on screen with any good actor. The drama itself was also amazing, so full of passion and love, and very mature. It was really sweet to see these two characters acknowledge their shortcomings and issues and deal with them together. They bicker a lot of times but almost in a flirtatious way. Their whole household was also a great combination. Everyone felt like they were fucked up in certain ways but always supported one another.

Jae Yul always had such a strong front up that it was sweet to see him put down all his walls when Hae Soo was around to comfort him. There are times where he’s embarrassed about his obsession with sleeping int he bathroom but because Hae Soo is a psychiatrist, she understands and just tells him to rest. Hae Soo on the other hand has an anxiety disorder where she starts getting worked up when she kisses or gets intimate with anyone. She was traumatized by her mother’s affairs when she was younger. Jae Yul finds it interesting and is almost aware that true love would heal her and that if she were to be kissed and touche by someone she truly loves, she would slowly lose her anxiety. I watched this drama the year when it was released but never got around to writing a review. Even now I still think about it a lot and how much chemistry these two actors had as Jae Yul and Hae soo.



Lian Er (Yuan Shan Shan) + Emperor Yong Zheng (Mickey He) from 宫锁珠帘 Gong 2

Lian Er and the emperor started on a cliche but fun route where Lian Er met him as a servant and mistakened him as a eunuch. He never bothered correcting her and instead continued see her often as friends. Lian Er constantly warns him about getting in trouble with the emperor without ever realizing who he actually is. Yong Zheng takes her around, stealing food and everything, making her freak out because she thought she’d be beheaded if she was ever caught sneaking around. I really liked the part where the other consort, Xi Xiang (Yang Rong) thought she was seeing some other man in the palace and trapped both her and Yong Zheng in a room. She thought would be able to get her in trouble but instead was met with a very angry Yong Zheng who then decides to wed Lian Er on the spot. Lian Er totally freaks out because she had been really impolite and casual to him for so long.

Even after they married, they maintained the strong bond they developed before she knew of his identity and she was the only one he could really trust. I think the back portion of the drama became weird especially when he was like being controlled or something but this couple is still one of my favorite period drama couples!



Shan Wu Shuang (Cheryl Yang) + Lu Ka Si (Ethan Ruan) from 敗犬女王 My Queen

This couple was an unusual combination with a bossy, dominant, but kind and considerate Shan Wu Shuang and a really nice, playful and youthful Lu Ka Si. Their dynamics throughout the drama is just great. They start on a bad foot or rather a steamy one where Lu Ka Si was about to be her one night stand until she gets a glance at his ID and can’t come in to terms with sleeping with someone who’s eight years younger than her. Wu Shuang always cares a lot about Lu Ka Si but is embarassed to admit and explain anything which causes a lot of misunderstand between them. Wu Shuang always takes the more complicated way when helping someone and doesn’t have the best attitude. Slowly as Lu Ka Si begins to understand her, starts falling in love with her and finds her quirkiness interesting. She helps him let go of his past and move on from their dead ex. He remains by her side like a silent protector even when she was about to reconcile with her ex.

I loved the part where they met up during camping because Wu Shuang found out someone was around helping her. She tells him that she’s about to fuck their eight year difference while Lu Ka Si just tells her that he never minded the age gap nor thought it was a barrier of any kind. The drama came out years ago but even now, I re-watch it once in awhile because I think the couple had a lot of chemistry and love.



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