Unfortunate Dramas

These are some of the dramas that were personally major disappointments or ones that could have been a lot better than they were with some tweaks. This post is subject to change and will be updated often.


錦繡緣·華麗冒險 Cruel Romance

With such an amazing cast of Joe Chen and Huang Xiao Ming, it seemed like it was to be a really solid drama. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was when I saw some previews. But… what happened? Everything is as predictable as it can get. OF COURSE she’s the innocent girl who;s family gets killed and travels to Shanghai to find the culprit. OF COURSE they meet because he’s trying to get away and uses her as a shield by making out with her. OF COURSE she gets bullied by other women who vie for Zuo Zhen’s attention. Of COURSE half the cast dies.
Honestly my favorite character is probably Yin Ming Zhu (Lu Jia Rong). I know she was a bitch and became a drug addict but she had a flare to her that was much more interesting to watch than the other characters. They were totally relying on Huang Xiao Ming and his body for the ratings and publicity. His job was basically to look hot and perfect in the drama. I do admit that him and Joe Chen have great chemistry and make a cute couple, they should do another drama together with a much more interesting story.


他看她的第2眼 When I See You Again

I was really hesitant to put this one on here at first because I overall enjoyed it, but I think it could have been even better. I love Liu Yi Hao very much and I think he did a decent job as Yi Zhi Mei/Xia You Qian. It was a good change from his usual happy, jolly roles. I have nothing against Mandy Wei and think she is an okay actress, but I’m not sure if she was really suited for the role of An Xi. I like the story and the characters as well as An Xi but would have probably liked it even more if someone else played her role. Mandy Wei’s acting was really forced at times and I had to cringe while watching. I liked the drama in general but it could have amazing if some things were tweaked.


風中奇緣 Sound of the Desert

Ugh this was another one I was seriously excited about like a year before it was even released. Eddie Peng with Liu Shi Shi!? Sounds like jackpot! It had everything I loved together, romance in the desert with a general, pack of wolves (which were Alaskan Malamutes in the drama, really funny), and the two actors. I don’t know if it was because I had high expectations or what but I was seriously bored with it right from the beginning. I feel that the stars don’t have enough screen time together. It’s understandable because the story line is so big but because it requires so many other characters, it got really boring. Xin Yue (Liu Shi Shi) and Wei Wu Ji (Eddie Peng) had so much chemistry with each other! On the other hand I did not dig Mo Xun (Hu Ge) at all. I’ll probably give this another shot in the future but for now it’s at the top of my disappointment list even more so than Cruel Romance. 


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