Favorite Female Characters

Hey there! Here are some of my favorite female leads that have really left an impression. As always keep in mind, this is must my own opinion and I’d be really glad to here yours! This is definitely not all of the ones I like, I’m still trying to gather from the 200+ dramas I’ve seen in the past! This post will be subject to change.

Go Cheok Hee (Jo Yeo Jung) from 이혼변호사는 연애중Divorce Lawyers in Love

To be very honest, Go Cheok Hee was nothing like love at first sight. She seemed really obnoxious, bossy, and annoying in the beginning, but she really grew on me after a few episodes. First off I always find smart and straightforward female characters really cool. She loses her lawyer license and drops to the position of an office manager. However she knows the laws like the back of her hand and is smarter and more knowledgeable than most of the people in the office. Even though she may seem cruel and mean at times, she has her own principals and is kind to those she cares about. I love watching her berate people with her knowledge, she hands their asses to them. I love her attachment to her creepy Chucky doll. I’m terrified of it, and I’m sure many other people are, but it’s really funny to watch her nonchalantly interact with it. I think Jo Yeo Jung did a really great job with her.

Cai Hua Zhen (Alice Ke) from 必娶女人Marry Me, Or Not

Cai Huan Zhen is probably what you might call a bitch sometimes but a very cool one. She’s like a hawk who can sense everything and is amazing at communication. She knows always knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Huan Zhen can be really deceiving at times which makes her not so likable at first. But you learn to really love her perseverance and caring side that she always hides in order to protect herself. She is also awfully funny when dealing with Hao Meng (Roy Qiu). In order to impress and keep her composure, she has to put up a very elegant front when she’s absolutely fuming inside. She understands both men and women really well and can analyze people and act accordingly to get what she wants.
She’s very competitive even at the smallest things, always wanting to be the best and always aiming higher. Huan Zhen endures all the shit that gets thrown at her because of misunderstandings and never apologizes if she knows it’s not her fault. I think her script was written very well and I really wish I could talk like her.

Jie You (Zhang Xin Yi) from 解忧公主 Princess Jie You

Jie You’s character was great in that she had that really strong, elegant, but free spirited heart that was hilariously playful sometimes. Usually in these kinds of classic Chinese dramas, the female lead always gets tricked, set up, toyed with by other female characters. Jie You usually knows when someone is trying to set her up, easily outsmarts them and embarrasses them. She is no delicate women and stands up even people with the strongest power like the king of Han and the king of Wu Sun, also her husband. She will sarcastically and passive aggressively insult or tease them but say it in a way where they can’t really do much about it. She’s different from other princesses in that she is extremely skilled in horseback riding and acrobats because of her history as a street performer. One thing I do with is that she kept more of her playfulness after she became one of the “mothers” of Wu Sun. she was still really strong and spoke her mind but she lost some of that quirkiness, probably because she married someone she didn’t love.

 Jiang Wen Qi (Jennifer Hong) from 女人30情定水舞間 Fabulous 30

I’ve always been a big fan of Jennifer Hong and so really easily grew onto Jiang Wen Qi. Wen Qi is just so badass and mature. She’s the big sister of the trio in the drama. Wen Qi is really direct and blunt but with reason which prevents people from really taking her down. If she sees someone being pretentious, she calls them out. She was a huge contrast to the other two girls who became weak really easily (well mostly Xu Wan Ting). But behind all that iron she’s extremely caring and considerate of those close to her. She is willing to sacrifice a lot for her daughter and divorced her husband because she thought he didn’t love her anymore and that he’d be better off without her. I do think though she should have spoke with her husband first and then they could have cleared all that misunderstanding, but then where’s the drama in that right?

Xiao Xiao (Mi Lu) from 何以笙簫默 My Sunshine

Xiao Xiao was sort of a bitch in the beginning of the drama because she was bitter of how Mo Sheng (Tiffany Tang) left her so abruptly years ago, but after the first few episodes I discovered that she was a really cool person. She’s a really badass super model as well as a great friend. I guess she doesn’t have that many parts in the drama but for what there was, I really enjoyed watching Mi Lu play her. Shes just really beautiful but also very straight forward, blunt, and honest. She’s not weak and I love it when she makes fun of  Yuan Feng. When they had their accidental one night stand, unlike the cliches, she was really mature and nonchalant about it. On the other hand Yuan Feng was freaking out. Despite her high society, supermodel beauty status, she judged people by their character and treated people as people.

Who are your favorites? =D


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